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Ron & Carol Schupp

                                      Welcome to First Christian Church of Marshall!  We are Ron and Carol Schupp and we arethe

                                   Custodians for the First Christian Church of Marshall.  We have been members of this church

                                   for 40 years and have been employed as Custodians for 21 years.  We have been married 46

                                   years! We enjoy the task of keeping God’s house clean and the feeling of pride we experience

                                   when we walk into the church as members and experience a fresh, neat and clean environment. 

                                    My husband Ron recently retired from many years of employment with ConAgra Foods and is

                                   the backbone of our custodian team and is very good at “giving directions” haha.  He is the

                                   strong, silent man with many virtues and a strong faith in God.  Ron is a Deacon and serves on

                                   the Property Committee, he also served this church as Sunday Custodian for many years. 

                                   Although he is strong and silent, he cares greatly for this church, its people and our God.

                                   His favorite song is "Because He Lives". 

                                    I am retired from the State of Missouri.  I am involved in many activities within the church as

                                   follows:  Elder, member of the Board, member of the Chancel Choir and the Chancel Hand bell Choir, Chairperson of the Fellowship Committee, assist with the youth, adult sponsor at church camps in the Northwest area, and C.R.Y. Festivals.  I also enjoy working with the elderly.  My greatest source of strength comes first from my belief in God, and second from my mother.  She was a lovely lady with an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.  She endured many trials and tribulations in her life, but her faith has never wavered, nor did she ever doubt God’s love for her.  She went to be with her lord and savior in June, 2010 at the age of 90, and experienced many of the things in life that other elderly persons experienced, but never asked why or blamed God.  I can only hope to have half as much grace, strength and courage throughout the rest of my life that she showed during hers.  My favorite song is “It Is Well WIth My Soul” .

            We have two grown children and five wonderful grandchildren ranging in age from 6 to 27.  They are the delight of our life and provide much entertainment.

            Our wish for our church is to see it grow and for its members to flourish in their faith.

            We have two favorite scriptures:  Psalms 91 and Philippians 1:3-11

                                             We invite you to come worship with us.








Ken & Virginia Bryant

                                        I became a member of First Christian Church  of Marshall in 1977 .  I am currently an Elder

                                      and the Church Financial Secretary.  I have also served as Board Chair  and Deacon.  My

                                        wife, Virginia and I have three children, Amy Heuman and William, Jill Clemens and J.W., and

                                      Kristen Norris and Kevin. We have two grandchildren, Bryant Eads and Marissa Clemens.  In my

                                        free time I enjoy spending time with my family at the lake.











Hope Richards

                                         Thank you for visiting our web page today and discovering a little bit about us! I started

                                    working for the Church as the Director of Music in February of 2009. In August of the same year 

                                    I  also took on the duties of Office Manager. In addition to working here at FCC,  I also

                                    own a dance studio that is in it's 21st year of operation. I have been blessed with two daughters:

                                    Torey, my youngest, graduated in 2014 from Missouri Valley with a Major in Dance and is now Head

                                    Instructor and Competition Team Director of my studio, Broadway Bound Dance Studio. In May of

                                    2016 she became Mrs. Paul Spitzig. Destiny, My oldest daughter, moved back home from Gulf Shores,

                                    AL in 2016. She is currently working at Common Good Natural Living, a provider for individuals with

                                    mental or physical needs. And, she is loving it! She's getting back into the "groove" of Midwest living.

                                    I am very proud, humbled, and grateful to have such amazing children.


                                        After years of asking God for the right man in my life... He finally provided! What an "On-Time

                                   God"! In May of 2015 I married Brad Richards. He filled the missing piece of my life.


                                  A few years ago, myself and two other ladies from the Church, formed a gospel trio. We would perform at nursing homes and other place where God would lead us to minister through music. Recently one of the members moved away so we rarely get the opportunity to sing together. Now,  I have become part of our Praise Band at Church. Singing in front of people has never been easy for me, but I have learned to listen when the Master calls you.

            Letting God lead my life is something I am finally willing to do. Being at FCC has opened my heart to what God wants of me, and what I can do to share his love to others. By being allowed to praise him in song and music, I have learned that I am truly where God wants me to be...right here!

      Former President Jimmy Carter spoke these following words that I hope we can all learn to live by-"My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference".


  One more quote that I believe with all my heart:

" Your job is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting".


My prayer is that we can all learn to give to others, and do for those who have needs. After all, what better gift to share than the gift of ourselves.










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